Future Shock is a private, professional analog/digital music recording/mixing studio owned by producer/mixer Alex Newport.

The studio is typically utilized at the overdub and mix stage for Alex's projects.

Future Shock is located inside the Spin Studios complex in Long Island City, NYC. The studio includes:

  • fully acoustically tuned control room with PMC mains and Yamaha NS-10 near fields
  • 80 channel Amek Einstein "Super E" analog console with VCA automation, Pro Tools HD, large collection of vintage analog outboard compressors, EQ's and FX
  • acoustically balanced vocal & amp iso booth with high-quality tie lines to studio
  • extensive microphone and vintage musical equipment selection

In addition, Alex has access to Spin Studios live room for full band tracking; projects often start in Spin's live room and are then mixed at Future Shock, or mixed on Spin's SSL G+ console, or any combination thereof.


The studio is located minutes from Manhattan and is easily accessible by car, subway train, and private jet. Street parking is readily available and there's a freight elevator for easy load-in.